Sep 11, 2007


keep working on this "straight forward" coloring method
no mixing!
it's kind of a tech-cheat; using the p-shop to separate as different color inks.

the original inks

*i've been catching up with the flash in last couple of months reading the infamous "1 year later" arc by wilson & demeo.
then the short guggenheim run, with the "irrelevantly relevant" issue 13 (all very forgettable to me, with almost a "filler" status)
and at last! the "all-flash" issue with those final pages by acuna ... OMG!!!

talk about rebirth! flash hasn't shown that kind of energy in a long time (even before the fastest man alive)
now we already have flash #231, and its even better!
i just wish the team held together longer... acuna is leaving soon
that's too bad! (the character deserves the blockbuster felling that he provided)
it'll still be worth reading.


D-T said...

great, i love the color, like other posts.

Doc Shaner said...

Thanks for the kind words over on my blog man! I'm glad you liked the Thor and Rhino, I wish I had time to do more of them.

And again, loved this Flash drawing. I'm glad someone else feels the same way about the last year of Flash work.

What is it exactly you're doing with the colors? I'm not super technically proficient, but it's very interesting.

James Figueiredo said...

Beautiful work, man - Love the movement (or rather, the sudden stop of movement) you managed to imprint in the drawing!


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