Jan 1, 2008


this is from the umbrella academy series by gerard way and gabriel ba out from dark horse.
just read 4 first issues and looking forward to the conclusion of the mini.


Dan McDaid said...

I really liked the first issue of this but I'm too lazy to buy the rest from my LCS (also, there are always goths in there buying 'em all up). So I will, as they say, wait for the trade.

GREAT illustration, by the way. You're firing on all cylinders at the moment.

laseraw said...

i read 4 of them and the free comic book day issue in one sitting, so it was kind of a trade experience; and i'm glad i did it like that! cause i didnt really like the first couple, but did feel the wakyness of the storyline payback towards 3 and 4 soooo ... the trade is certainly a good thing. i'll be buying it! (i borrowed the floppies)

thanks for your comments! :)