Jan 5, 2009


FIRST 2009 POST!!!!!

can't wait for this guy's books to get good again!

i'm currently reading the spanish reprint of the book from the mark waid run on...
quite a lenghty read, to tell you the truth, 500 pages per tome...
i'm on volume 5 of 7, that's a lot of wally!!
i gets a little repetitive as a collected read, with the recaps included on the early pages of every issue ... it'll give you a headache but i understand the function on the monthly format.
i'm a t the point when grant morrison and mark millar take over for a bit, its just a lot of fun.
i rarely hear mention to this run, i find it quite interesting to see both of them collaborate on such a rich character.
they make the crazy science really work and it provides a breeder for the waid's stuff.
i had already read from the geoff jones run till the one year later debacle

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