Aug 19, 2012


here's another tribute to the late great Joe Kubert.

I portrayed some of the characters he worked on, the ones i remember the most.
it seems easy to draw this characters after he did them, i think it might be because he infused a lot of his own character on each one, making them recognizable and unforgettable.

he only had a short run on Tex, that i'm aware off, but is some of the best western comics i've seen.
the Tor short stories i like very, very much, specially the silent ones.
of course Sgt. Rock and Hawkman are his most iconic and popularly referenced DC characters, but my favorite action book is Enemy Ace, layouts and compositions in the book are just amazing.
i really liked Fax From Sarajevo and was very struck by his pencil work on Yossel.

i love all his stuff, but my favorite Joe Kubert art overall is the raw pencil work of Yossel and Dong Xoai, which are fairly recent books and prove that the man was better and better every year which is something to aspire to.

this is an entirely digital piece which happens to be quite large and detailed.
i recommend looking at the larger version of the image.

this piece started as a loose sketch drawing of the kubert characters, just thinking about him and later became a piece on it's own as i enjoyed portraying each one, noticing the similarities between their characters.
i include here the loose sketch line state and the delineated state of the piece.
perhaps on the sketch state more of the Kubert influence can be appreciated in the facial expressions and looser lines.

this powerful and expressive artist had an amazing career, if you haven't take a minute to examine his work when you have a chance.

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