Jun 16, 2006


reading DK2 i drew some "aged" batman's
i have to say that DK2 wasn't that bad, at least for the 1st 2 books... i dont know about that last one with the rave and all... but up until that point its pretty good...
considering the unanimously negative comments i heard about it when it came out
...of course you can always ask if there was any need for a sequel of the original
... but that question needs no response...

golden-age style is what rules!

year 0 style (or something i drew after reading halfway through RED SON... stay away from it! it sucks! i used to like David Johnson but not on this one... you just cant beat the awful writing and the poor idea)
got some more drawings from that day (will come up soon)

just colored this one (got lazy though)

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Anonymous said...

ver nice, i like your work...