Jun 26, 2006

Xth (and a pretty big one)

sorry i missed out on sunday . worked late on other stuff... all weekend...
here's a huge post to make up for it!! (due to size i had to keep it sketchy)

this is from a natalie portman pic

and this is some figure model
this two drawings come from this website i found following endless links
its really great! they have this drawing jams were they propouse an image to interpret, its amazing! go see!

rocker looking supes!

one thing! (that sounds funny... i'l be working more on this one, ... never really drew the character before, kind of wanna put myself to da test)

bunch of wolvies

one colossus (with an ugly ass sweatshirt)

some random batmans

after reading the new catwoman (highly recommendable!! the darwing cooke story dont miss it!)

lobo? (... i guess ... my apologies to possibly offended die-hard-fans)

some random ones

and that's all folks (bunch of quickies to keep the bloggin going!!)

1 comment:

D-T a.k.a. Dj Sith said...

como siempre bien! quiero ver a la Thing terminada jajajajaj
drawingboard es la caña.

PD: no soy un fan a muerte de lobo, pero parece un poco gay hehehe