Sep 1, 2006

24th (not the show!)

been away from the chair for a while.... summer schedule (thank gawd!)
did no computer work, did lot of inkwork (gotta work those ink muscles!! a pen/pencil guy)
heres some:

here's d'main man as seen in his daughters academy

here with chris chance? (great character! great comic! go read it)

couple of spidy'os

i love this new catwoman! (most of all the creative teams working on her so far (hope it lasts...))

and now a bunch of bats ...

this one is totally FM style (such a great book! such great take!)

late addition! (last minute scan)

hope summer was beautiful for all of ya!! (its over... spain has a long summers though)
hope to be back in the blogging action ASAP
so see you all around!

please fell free and welcome to post comments or whatever u like

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Anonymous said...

cada vez mejor...