Sep 12, 2006


today is 5 years since that crazy crazy morning...
what a way to wake up!
love all of you humans out there!!
hope nothing like that ever happens again (i really do)

my scanner's down... needs new blood
newborn canon will be here tomorrow (lide 600)
he's way slimmer than my fat ass epson (what a boxy design)
been using the canon at work and decided to make the switch (it seems faster and more reliable, to me at least)
been an epson fan forever but i think they're not worth it in terms of mid-range scanners (perfection 2480) too big too slow to old as a concept (and i have to trun'em on-an-off way tooooooo many times! + plus the interface just sucks)

i'll make you know how it goes!!


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

we wait!
good luck with the new scanner