Mar 25, 2010


connors shooting the serum (... on his exposed stub!!) was something i though was a little over the top, or rather way low under the bottom, for a regular spider-man book but it made it in...
i drew it to frame connors deprived side... avoiding the depiction of a "clean" pseudo-science to something more obsessive and desperate and self-indulgent, a bit more like an addict ...
later in the story animal cruelty was added to the mix ... making him and his acts so much more questionable.

for my understanding of the character a lot of these ideas and his over all feel, was derived from jeff goldblum's portrayal of professor brundle and his obsessive investigations and addictive process of metamorphosis, in david cornenberg's 1986 remake of the fly

this is a prelim illustration i drew in prep for the story "curt connor's in shed; prologue" written by zeb wells and colored on the book by mat hollingsworth published in web of sipider-man #6