Mar 30, 2010


studying the many looks of the lizard through the decades, found that the character remained recognizable by his aspect, attitude and attire but, his physiognomy was somewhat "undefined" from artist to artist, from story to story and even panel to panel...

i looked more at the early representations of the character chronologically following ditko's, romita's and gil kane's but also had an unavoidable influence from the more angular design and shadowed renditions by todd mcfarlane, which i devoured so viciously in the 90s that have sunken to a subconscious level! (he he)

also tried going back to an actual lizard but that just looked somewhere between lifeless, like reptiles look most of the time and ... cute? ... which are associations you dont really want for this classic, b-horror, tormented, scientist-super-villain
however it was very useful to draw all the reptiles for some gesturing and the rendering of the skin... also multiple lizards and dinosaurs appear in the 8 pager so...

this is an early prelim illustration i drew in prep for the story "curt connor's in shed; prologue" written by zeb wells and colored on the book by mat hollingsworth published in web of sipider-man #6

more of these coming up