Jul 11, 2006


my buddy maestro logan yelled out for some punishers
and sure enough! here they are!
id never drawn the guy before, he's pretty cool i guess tough looking guy!
i used to like mike zeck a bit back in the day and i looked at the punishers comics through him but never actually read a word... saw the movie though, and it sucked! (except for that wacky fight with the russian popeye dude, the one were they tear all the walls)

and heres a quick flash sketch for my main man dj sith he asked for it a while back (hope 2 give him a few more soon)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot for the flash, i'm 'flashed' to see that drawing.
someday i'll have some original art from you.
i have a little collection of originals, and one of your will be nice.