Jul 14, 2006


here's a better lobo than the one before

just added ;)

and here are some rough sketches of the man!

here some random quick ones (just to keep the your blogging-eyes busy)

that's my first clayface (as far as i can remember)

havent drawn very many robins either (i guess you can tell, uh?)

he looks a bit asian doesnt he?

and this is a little girl offering a candy bar to the H

i really like this one! (i'll do a color version soon)
i'm kind of busy lately, so excuse the irregular posting... (i'll try to improve!)


D-T a.k.a. Dj Sith said...

great job, nice lobos, good asian robin hehehe and very good hulki meets a friend.

big ups!

bart said...

Very great job. I like it!

Chrissie A said...

I like these sketches a lot--great energy and loose feeling to them!