Jul 16, 2006


visit the website of my fellow orionlesc
and see some amazing artwork he's done, such as this, this and this (just for a taste)
he's a total pro!

wierdo batman i drew a while back when i read (halfway...bad comic) superman red son
so this is a "realistic" cheap batman version like the one depicted there...

quick doodly sketches of logan

this one looks old school (buscema forever hehe)


orionlesc said...

ya ví tus dibujos;.P
me gusta mucho tu estilo...
es raro...
te gusta keith giffen?kevin o ´neal

me recuerdas a ellos:)

D-T a.k.a. Dj Sith said...

tambien tienes un toque a lo Ted Mckeever... nose es un estilazo pulelo a saco!
preparate algunas paginas de muestras para salones de comic!!!!!

PD: de donde eres? de coruña?
de alabama? de wichita?