Jun 29, 2006

11th(+++kept adding)

here are more and more things!
i keep adding as i go along...

weird jpeg issue on this one (blury look)

getting happier with how the face looks now...

a profile view here
...it is funny that he has no ears... isnt it? (i didnt even know!, i got it from the movie, which pretty much sucked, by the way... im no 4f follower but still)

i sont seem to get around drawing all those rocks... (lazyman talkin)

Jun 26, 2006

Xth (and a pretty big one)

sorry i missed out on sunday . worked late on other stuff... all weekend...
here's a huge post to make up for it!! (due to size i had to keep it sketchy)

this is from a natalie portman pic

and this is some figure model
this two drawings come from this website i found following endless links
its really great! they have this drawing jams were they propouse an image to interpret, its amazing! go see!

rocker looking supes!

one thing! (that sounds funny... i'l be working more on this one, ... never really drew the character before, kind of wanna put myself to da test)

bunch of wolvies

one colossus (with an ugly ass sweatshirt)

some random batmans

after reading the new catwoman (highly recommendable!! the darwing cooke story dont miss it!)

lobo? (... i guess ... my apologies to possibly offended die-hard-fans)

some random ones

and that's all folks (bunch of quickies to keep the bloggin going!!)

Jun 24, 2006

9th.b (she-thing special)

i drew this for she-thing (check her blog out!)

its dr. mcoy and he is listening!
good night and good mental health!

Jun 23, 2006


i just looove the big H!
for me he is one of the most visually stimulating characters to portray
here are some cartoony sketches i just did
his melancholic look

just to think of the physical relationship between both states is so entertaining

lookin a bit meaner here

... and i have a lot more hulks to blog... (stay tunned)

Jun 21, 2006

Jun 20, 2006


ugly looking logan right?

dumb looking hulk (i luv bug H)

better in color

funny looking bats

some snowtrooper from "the thing" (the 1951 version)
drew a lot during the film... t was kind of slow for 06


some drawings after reading hammer gods
it was pretty good (visually mainly)

i was never into "barbarian" type of heroes but that one comic book kind of made me give them a try...
i used to love walter simonson when they published the ballad of beta ray bill or what ever that was called
i dont care much about his current style... (too bad, yet he has a ton of merit after all this years)


Jun 16, 2006


reading DK2 i drew some "aged" batman's
i have to say that DK2 wasn't that bad, at least for the 1st 2 books... i dont know about that last one with the rave and all... but up until that point its pretty good...
considering the unanimously negative comments i heard about it when it came out
...of course you can always ask if there was any need for a sequel of the original
... but that question needs no response...

golden-age style is what rules!

year 0 style (or something i drew after reading halfway through RED SON... stay away from it! it sucks! i used to like David Johnson but not on this one... you just cant beat the awful writing and the poor idea)
got some more drawings from that day (will come up soon)

just colored this one (got lazy though)