Feb 28, 2009


last chance to pre-order the MARVEL ASSISTANT-SIZED SPECTACULAR from the february Marvel Previews Catalog.
my D-MAN story is on it!

Feb 25, 2009


this is another preliminary image i drew for the D-MAN marvel project.
not related to the actual story featured on the MARVEL ASSISTANT-SIZED SPECTACULAR
remember to order your copy on the current february Marvel Previews.

Feb 17, 2009


here's the full cover for both issues.
remember to order them on this months previews!

Feb 15, 2009


this is another prelim D-MAN for the MARVEL ASSISTANT-SIZED SPECTACULAR.
nothing to do with the actual story, just my early heroic take on mr. dumphy.

this one was also inked on the computer, for my own try out porpoises...
i'm not a 100% convinced yet... not a full digital ink switch, not yet...
i use it all the time for touch ups but, its hard for me to start straight on the wacom...
maybe with one of those crazy cintiqs that may make it easier...

Feb 10, 2009


el motorista fantasma!!
i dont think i've drawn this one before...
he's awesome to draw!

Feb 4, 2009


here's another prelim D-MAN sketch for the MARVEL ASSISTANT-SIZED SPECTACULAR.
this one is inked on the computer, which i never do... (just trying that out...)