Aug 17, 2007


"bat-clint" planning for his long break


digital coloring

original inks


unfortunately author mike wieringo passed away this weekend at the early age of 44.
for the last 15 years mike wieringo elegantly and regularly drew main stream comic titles such as the flash, the fantastic four, spider-man and superman among others.
mike wieringo co-created the characters in the fantasy tale named tellos.
mike wieringo regularly posted drawings on his blog, the sketches are archived in his site along with other finished works
i strongly recommend viewing his sequential work as well as the single illustrations and cover artwork

mike wieringo was an outstanding visual storyteller
his work improved page upon page, not only in itself but also pushing further capacities of the medium as a whole
this medium will greatly notice his absence

koj is a character in tellos
this is the first time i draw koj
i would much rather not have had the motivation i had to draw it...