Oct 28, 2009


obviously inspired by the classic road runner cartoons! (CLCK 4 XL)

sketchbook ink drawing ...

digitaly expanded version used for pencils ...

and final inks...

Sep 22, 2009


last 4 pages of the issue (pages 19 to 22)

terror inc."Apocalypse Soon". issue #3
for Marvel MAX
written by David Lapham
art xurxo g penalta
pencil & ink

original pencils including a reference for page 18 never drawn

Aug 7, 2009


exclusive print for sale next week on the Viñetas desde el Atlantico de A Coruña.
limited 20 print run per author! signed!!
artists emma rios, adrian lopez and myself!
available only on the Solosontoys.com booth!


impresión exclusiva a la venta la semana que viene en el Viñetas desde el Atlantico de A Coruña.
tirada limitada a 20 ejemplares por autor. firmadas!
autores emma rios, adrian lopez y yo!
solo en el stand de Solosontoys.com!!!!!


some of the preliminary sketches done for the print.

this one i drew while sitting on a hair dresser! (deadline rush)

this one i drew while waiting for my girlfriend to get her hair done (same saloon)

these i drew at home, rehearsing the pose and lighting

here also working the pose, but also the uniform and inking (done with a couple of art pens)

this one is closer to the final, done also with a brush

some sketches drawn at the both for those who purchased the print saturday evening