Oct 14, 2008


another H? i hadn't noticed...
the rampaging issue you wont find anywhere else!

this one was fun to do!

Oct 6, 2008


continuing with the H's mr hellboy

did this at work today (... ad on my part, but it looks cool)
its as is, i had no time to color it so hopefully tomorrow 

Oct 5, 2008


Heath Houston from Fear Agent
just read the first couple of trades and had read #3 when it came out.
lot of fun adventures set among some great esthetic environments ...
the main space suits and most interiors of the space ships are straight out of mr wally wood's sci-fi work
which i looooove with all my heart!

so, for me ... following that, you cant go wrong

Oct 4, 2008


been pretty busy lately... sorry for the dead air

i was scanning stuff for my new laserkecth blog and stumbled upon these guys.
probably drew them as i read seven soldiers of victory a couple of years back.

wasn't doug mahnke just amazing there?
he's incredibly talented, i got into his stuff with his jla run (outstanding! inked by tom nguyen) and then i remembered the stuff form the mask... it turns out i've been following him for quite a while, and happily so!

the frankenstein issues were tremendous! and he inked himself and all... wish he did more of that, and i wish they did more frankenstein comics too...
that book was great 90s fun...

.... please excuse the lazy post