Dec 29, 2007


this one started out as a roger drawing for the humunculus jam...
but it was looking a bit boring so i added johan there to give it something else to look at.
so it ended up on the johan krauss drawing jam
johan's a lovely, original and ingenious character.
as are most of the BPRD cast.
as is the amazing guy davis who draws the book!

Dec 28, 2007


heres a BPRD character called roger, the homunculus...
i just drew and toned in for one of the proposed drawing jams at
haven't read hardly any hellboy, but i do read the BPRD series cause i looove guy davis, and roger is a part of it.

check him out! (guy davis i mean!)


another one i drew for piedad's nephew but ended up coloring it for a drawing board jam
drawing board is awesome!
particularly the jams!!

Dec 27, 2007


another one for my friend's nephew...
i guess someone did like the movie after all...

... he's five

Dec 25, 2007


sorry for the loooong delay...
had a lot of work and bunch of mayor computer crashes over the last couple of months...
one thing led to the other and it's been almost 2 months since the last time i got to post stuff here...

i have some sequentials to post!
its creator owned stuff so i might not post it here. (will post link for it)

johnny storm here drawn for my friend piedad's nephew

Oct 14, 2007


not really a new god, that'll be up next, but still following the kirby trail a 2001 space odyssey tribute
beautiful book you just have to check out!

Oct 2, 2007


i havent read any comics about this guy since the 90s*
so... following my post's numbering i thought id drew him
i used to love him in that period, the issues drawn by keith giffen were very influential on me
and the bisley stuff i could not believe first time i saw it.
too bad it got cheapened very very quickly (in the 4th/5th mini or so)
but that happened in 90s a lot (instant abuse of succesfull formulas, well i guess its been happening all along)

*i guess i lied up there. i did read him on 52!
liar liar!

Sep 24, 2007


boston brand!
i recently read a bunch of the early stories of deadman
great stuff, i think the character probably has more potential than it has shown
the first issue by arnold drake and drawn by carmine infantino is outstanding!!

Sep 19, 2007


the spectre.

another lovely timeless dc character (although he's pretty serious/scary nowadays)


keeping the gotham theme here with commissioner gordon!
great supporting character about whom i wouldn't mind reading more
gotham central was grreeat but, he wasnt one it!
i guess that was one of the points (new department/new begining)
that was a good book, if your looking for some noir crime stories.

Sep 18, 2007

Sep 17, 2007


here's mr. john constantine, a forum buddy request...
i know close to nothing of this character but i've seen him in plenty covers...

Sep 14, 2007


kill o wog!


go read anything green lantern by geoff johns

green lantern corps recharge
siniestro corps
green lantern rebirth

great stuff

Sep 12, 2007


boom tube master himself!

amazing character created by the most amazing talent of them all
mr jack kirby!
bow people bow!

Sep 11, 2007


*recently read "batman and the monster men" by matt wagner
left me pretty indifferent to tell you the truth
the story was particularly pointless and not adventurous enough to even justify the sheer popcorn joy that some comics have
i do like wagner for the most part but this i just didnt get to care
i dont know ... guess ... i bought the HC cause i had some strong references and felt it too flimsy for an HC type story
oh well


keep working on this "straight forward" coloring method
no mixing!
it's kind of a tech-cheat; using the p-shop to separate as different color inks.

the original inks

*i've been catching up with the flash in last couple of months reading the infamous "1 year later" arc by wilson & demeo.
then the short guggenheim run, with the "irrelevantly relevant" issue 13 (all very forgettable to me, with almost a "filler" status)
and at last! the "all-flash" issue with those final pages by acuna ... OMG!!!

talk about rebirth! flash hasn't shown that kind of energy in a long time (even before the fastest man alive)
now we already have flash #231, and its even better!
i just wish the team held together longer... acuna is leaving soon
that's too bad! (the character deserves the blockbuster felling that he provided)
it'll still be worth reading.

Sep 9, 2007


choosing sides?

just read "batman:jekyll and hyde" tpb, by paul jenkins, and jae lee/sean phillips 50/50 on the art.
the story was nothing to phone home about.
bit of retcon there, that wasn't bad.

for me, phillips's artistry knocked everyone else off the book.
what a guy!

Sep 7, 2007


i just love to draw this guy!
how could you go wrong with that forehead?
great character design

*that's the martian manhunter by the way aka j'onn j'onzz.
this stranded martian detective from the 50s appears emotionally unable but is actually a lovable character mostly seen as part of the JLA.
has a mortal allergy to fire and an inhuman affinity for oreo cookies
just in case someone is not into the DCU at all (dont mean to be "educational" or anything)

Sep 5, 2007


since we're on our 70's lets have a gotham nightlife special

whats up comish!?

world's finnest detective!