Jan 13, 2008


i've had one of those huge showcase albums laying around for over a year but havent had time to sit down and read it.
i did read, however, the recent will pfeifer / patrick gleason arc and liked it a lot!
that san diego stuff was great and had some fantastic artwork!

Jan 10, 2008


viva jim aparo!
i use to love his metamorpho on the outsiders and later alan davis...
he was also in the JLA or the JLE or something when giffen/dematteis/mcguire were doing it... or was it sears?
then i lost track, but my love for him hasn't diminished (aparo's was the best version)


strange steve ditko character (aren't they all)

Jan 1, 2008


this is from the umbrella academy series by gerard way and gabriel ba out from dark horse.
just read 4 first issues and looking forward to the conclusion of the mini.