Apr 29, 2007


i guess its joker time

couple of inks

& pencils


black adam is an awesome golden age born egyptian founding member of the marvel family
main man on the amazing 52
100% recommended read! (stress on the "read" part versus the drawn part)


hulk with my pup Chewie!!

remembering wrightson on swamp thing when he had that spy-dog
awesome stuff i loved since i was a kid!

here are the pencils
i still have to work a whole lot on my inking...

Apr 18, 2007

45thB another one!

i did this two after the other the mister miracle

kirby shadowing and shines are fun to do!!

Apr 15, 2007

45th one for the king!

over at drawing board there's a kirby tribute drawing jam (www.drawingboard.org)
so i did this....

loved doing the energy thingy!!
(you may wanna see it full size... so click on it!)

kirby is just the best ...so far!

this is a really quick portrait i didi looking at an interview over at youtube


1 more rogue and 1 remake (better one i believe)

Apr 13, 2007


rouges gallery!

joker sucks, i know...
i'll re-do it later... as i do the rest of the gallery

Apr 10, 2007


this is the manhattan guardian (based on simon/kirby's 1940s guardian) a news reporter-crime fighter character created by grant morrison for the seven soldiers which i just finished reading.

this series is fantastic, specially how its written and tied together. impressive!

the authors involved do a great job and really obviate morrison's capacity to write with such different registries (all characters are completely different, and the narrative styles used even seem from different periods)

some of them i wasn't very interested in as i flipped through the books in the store (cameron stewart, ryan sook, frazer irving), but after reading the book my opinion was polarized!

the only one that had caught my eye to begin with (simone bianchi) was the one that worst performed at a narrative level, but with beautiful style and visuals (go down in style)

but dont listen to me !

go read this!


Apr 8, 2007


here's a quick one!

i dont know much 'bout flash but there's plenty people that care lots 'bout him!
like my good friend dj sith and tom caters, whom i dont know (go listen around comics podcast to crack up with him!)

i guess that one with the hair is kid flash or some version of him i saw on the flash cartoon (from the 70s i guess, caught it on boomerang, i love boomerang!)