Dec 29, 2007


this one started out as a roger drawing for the humunculus jam...
but it was looking a bit boring so i added johan there to give it something else to look at.
so it ended up on the johan krauss drawing jam
johan's a lovely, original and ingenious character.
as are most of the BPRD cast.
as is the amazing guy davis who draws the book!

Dec 28, 2007


heres a BPRD character called roger, the homunculus...
i just drew and toned in for one of the proposed drawing jams at
haven't read hardly any hellboy, but i do read the BPRD series cause i looove guy davis, and roger is a part of it.

check him out! (guy davis i mean!)


another one i drew for piedad's nephew but ended up coloring it for a drawing board jam
drawing board is awesome!
particularly the jams!!

Dec 27, 2007


another one for my friend's nephew...
i guess someone did like the movie after all...

... he's five

Dec 25, 2007


sorry for the loooong delay...
had a lot of work and bunch of mayor computer crashes over the last couple of months...
one thing led to the other and it's been almost 2 months since the last time i got to post stuff here...

i have some sequentials to post!
its creator owned stuff so i might not post it here. (will post link for it)

johnny storm here drawn for my friend piedad's nephew