Jul 30, 2013


This is page 1 of Laseraw - Crystal Canals, a 5 page story I've done that will appear as a backup on an upcoming issue of Prophet, which is Brandon Graham's fascinating sci-fi book from Image Comics.
I'll post the issue number as soon as I find out.

some process stages:
line art

sketched page


May 23, 2013


new poster for WAKE UP ELECTRONIC PARTIES this time with JORIS VOORN, GUTI, TIMO MAAS and many others.
the event moved to a new location called "el bosque", the forest, which i tried to emphasise also on the illustration.


nuevo poster para WAKE UP ELECTRONIC PARTIES esta vez con JORIS VOORN, GUTI, TIMO MAAS entre otros.
el evento cambio de localización, a una llamada "el bosque", dato que intente subrayar tambien en la ilustración.

line art.
dibujo a linea.

background illustration.
ilustracion de fondo

Feb 27, 2013

DUBFIRE poster

my new poster for WAKE UP with DUBFIRE, MATTHIAS TANZMANN, TERRENCE PARKER and many other djs.

taking the chance to homage that long line of wonderfully spheric, crystalline fantasy vehicles like on moebius’s gardens of edena or time masters, joe dante’s explorers and dc’s time traveler rip hunter !!

hope you like it.

facebook banner. 

clean illustration.

Jan 15, 2013

free drawing with print set!!

here are some of the original drawings that have been sent out with the print sets thanking those who've purchase them.
get your 12 print set now!! ( email xurxogpenalta@gmail.com )

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