Aug 13, 2006


stiff neck batmen seen on the movies

and the earlier film version!
(one of my favourites)

Aug 9, 2006


here's x-23... or my take on her...
only saw one issue with this character... (didnt care much for it)
... are those claws on her feet for real?
... jeez i dont know...
... isnt that just a bit dumb? (oh well i guess its all about getting used to them)

hey! no offence! (if shes someones personal favourite or something)
enjoy the drawings!

Aug 6, 2006


here's one you've seen before (i know...)
took a bit to color in and i think its worth looking at

Aug 5, 2006


so we finally got to 20 posts! (kind of late, lost to much gas those weeks back there...)
anyway. i love the drawing jams at drawingboard
here are a jor-el a movie-magneto and a capitain marvel (never drew any of 'em before... so exciting!)

Aug 3, 2006


sorry for the silence... its been a bit ... 12 days or so.. .not that bad actually (i really thought it was way more! ... guess i missed it!!)

... well, here are some tiny drawings i did for the awesome drawing jams they have at drawingboard
you gotta check this place out! its fantastic! everyone gets to draw and show it...
if you draw or if you wanna comment you gotta join!! so much fun!!

i may have drawn the judge before (maybe twice) but i certainly hadent drawn mr. strange .... nor read anything about him... i guess he was in crisis, like everyone else but dont really remember what's his story...
(not that i cared much for crisis... g. perez makes my stomach hurt... to much detail or something... cant deal with it)

dosent he look straight out of the early years of the playboy mansion? that outfit man... he needs an update badly!!
(no offence!!)