Dec 31, 2008


today is my BDAY!!!

and happy 2009 for all of you!!

and another old school angered BP!!!

Dec 12, 2008


just read the omega the unknown HC by Jonathan Lethem Farel Dalrymple.
interested to read the essential edition of the original series.

Oct 14, 2008


another H? i hadn't noticed...
the rampaging issue you wont find anywhere else!

this one was fun to do!

Oct 6, 2008


continuing with the H's mr hellboy

did this at work today (... ad on my part, but it looks cool)
its as is, i had no time to color it so hopefully tomorrow 

Oct 5, 2008


Heath Houston from Fear Agent
just read the first couple of trades and had read #3 when it came out.
lot of fun adventures set among some great esthetic environments ...
the main space suits and most interiors of the space ships are straight out of mr wally wood's sci-fi work
which i looooove with all my heart!

so, for me ... following that, you cant go wrong

Oct 4, 2008


been pretty busy lately... sorry for the dead air

i was scanning stuff for my new laserkecth blog and stumbled upon these guys.
probably drew them as i read seven soldiers of victory a couple of years back.

wasn't doug mahnke just amazing there?
he's incredibly talented, i got into his stuff with his jla run (outstanding! inked by tom nguyen) and then i remembered the stuff form the mask... it turns out i've been following him for quite a while, and happily so!

the frankenstein issues were tremendous! and he inked himself and all... wish he did more of that, and i wish they did more frankenstein comics too...
that book was great 90s fun...

.... please excuse the lazy post

Jul 30, 2008

Jul 29, 2008


here's another...
prepping up for rebirth

just found out about an AWESOME podcast!
its called SIDEBAR. you can find it at
they have amazing interviews with top artists like marc chiarello, scott morse, frank quitely, kevin nowlan, guy davis, eric canete, matt wagner, dave johnson, jason pearson, dexter vines, paolo rivera, james jean, bob schreck...
like i said... amazing...

May 6, 2008


rushed peter!
now AC is back and also one of my all time favs 11 o'clock PODCAST is here!!!
its new really but not really... its bullpen bulletins returning to comic podcasting as the open field that it really is.
i love the guys and i love the fact they'll be talking about more stuff now.
also they gather the best of both worlds... chris from ac joins in a trinity podcasting goodness
i love these people and love what they do!
glad to have them back!

Apr 30, 2008


... you know who

* i joined imagecomics forums last night!
looks fun! ton of creators, nice people (seems like)

*and around comics podcast is back!!!!!
i'm glaaaad about that!
awesome show you shouldn't miss!!!

Apr 29, 2008


here's etrigan!
i loove this character and have posted drawings of him before.
kirby's issues are just OUTSTANDING!
some of his best dc work in my opinion;
i love most of his stuff but this 16 issues are very inspired beyond the genera.

AWESOME STUFF! she sure CAN draw, let me tell you!

Apr 27, 2008


... now that's a delay!!
sorry for dropping out of the map!
i know there's a lot of you out there that come regularly n' check stuff out
i apologize but i've been busy with different works

i do have a lot more hero drawings, since i havent stoped at all, but i havent had any time to scan/color/upload them (the boring/time consuming part... not coloring but.. it does take a while)
i guess i'll be going back to b&w original inks and stuff, to keep this freshly updated
otherwise i'll be late again 'n again

hope you still enjoy them!
if not, just say so!

this is wesley dodds, the sandman... a classic hero from the lovely dcu.
drawn with VsTheBadGuys form Around Comics forums in mind

Jan 13, 2008


i've had one of those huge showcase albums laying around for over a year but havent had time to sit down and read it.
i did read, however, the recent will pfeifer / patrick gleason arc and liked it a lot!
that san diego stuff was great and had some fantastic artwork!

Jan 10, 2008


viva jim aparo!
i use to love his metamorpho on the outsiders and later alan davis...
he was also in the JLA or the JLE or something when giffen/dematteis/mcguire were doing it... or was it sears?
then i lost track, but my love for him hasn't diminished (aparo's was the best version)


strange steve ditko character (aren't they all)

Jan 1, 2008


this is from the umbrella academy series by gerard way and gabriel ba out from dark horse.
just read 4 first issues and looking forward to the conclusion of the mini.