Jul 26, 2007


hot hot coming through!
as promised here's the other one straight from the oven
(another one you may wanna see full size... lots textures for that tiny pic)

here r the pencils, once again, straight up, no ink involved!

i love ink and inking but its still at suuuuuuch a distance from my pencils or even what a do with a random marker or ball-point pen...
oh well! i outta keep at it ... what-cha-gonna-do!

*i just bought "THE GOON" in TPB's, the whole thing, and i gotta say ITS AWESOME!!!
i've been in love with powell ever since i first saw his work back when it started to hit
its right up my alley, but i just never got around buying it!
and what a waste of TIME my life has been since then till NOW!!
its beautiful artwork, hilarious writing and just a topnotch product
100% comic book excellence (i'm serious!)
if you like eisner, wrightson, kirby, wood, EZ, if you basically like comics = GET A HOLD OF IT !!!
ITS A TOTAL MUST!! (you may wanna avoid translations, as much as possible, lot of period chat, street-slang and funny german lingo going on)


She-Thing said...

Hey, wow!

Me encanta la pose... muy constante


Anonymous said...

here's my favourites up to now...


... COOL joker!!


... jack nicholson plays the joker!


... very el-LEgant phantom stranger


... great inking on this one!


... very 50s batman & friend pencil sketch. some pretty little piece of art, that one.

now on to some criticism:

between this pencilled drawing...


...and the inked final art...


... i wholeheartedly prefer the first! i'd rather see you follow the sketchy few-lined pencil with your inks.

now, don't let the party stop... and on with the fun :-)


laseraw said...

THANK. YOU. for the comment!
this is fantastic!!!
haven't got such a thorough review so far!!!
thaaaank you!

so glad you liked them and you went through so many of them (did you get to the very first post?)

too bad you dont have a contact or blogger id

thank you again!!