Apr 12, 2009


here's another early one, just with the D-man mask under the uniform.
after all, at this point he wasn't supposed to call a lot of attention to himself, so i imagined he could just wear it under his regular attire as a charm or something ... pretending it wasn't there... (i guess... d-man lost it a while back on the Bendis "The Pulse" run)

"Slum City Warriors"
written by Brian Patchett
drawn by Xurxo G Penalta
colored by Jose Villarubia
edited by Alejandro Arbona

hey everyone!
Marvel has put up a poll to chose which story of the recent ASSISTANT SIZED SPECTACULAR will see continuation on a new chapter.

on this book i drew the "SLUM CITY WARRIORS" story written by Brian Patchett that reintroduced D-MAN, Denis Dunphy, as a US soldier in middle east, trying to recover from his frustrated hero career.

Brian an me both believe the real D-MAN story would begin right after the last page of this new status and are excited to tell more.

please vote for the D-man story to continue!!